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We are a professional team of qualified trainers, our target is to help everyone to learn, by delivering onsite and online training wherever our client is.

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Our clients feedback and their quality in using what they learned are our keys to prove our training quality and impact.

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We offer courses that are well designed and tailored to meet our client's background, level of experience and learning pace.

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We prepare our trainees to be ready for Adobe and Autodesk exams.


Trusted by Thousand of Clients

Iman is one of the most professional instructors I know. multi-talented and knows a LOT of technologies but more importantly knows how to deliver training courses that please. She is an asset to whichever organization she works with.
Mark Young - UK
“I have been trained by Iman for several courses. Iman applies a structured and methodical approach to all her teaching. She has an impressive wealth of technical knowledge, that of an Adobe pro, and applies this into a practical context using real-life examples. This combination, coupled with her highly articulate presentation, ensures the learning is embedded effectively. Furthermore, her warm and personable style makes for a truly enjoyable process, readily willing to offer any support necessary and is genuinely committed to helping participants to achieve their learning goals.”
Rachael Kewley - UK
“She is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with. Iman is a forward thinking Instructor, with great sense of humor. That's her - strong, passionate and proactive professional who can be trusted. Iman never refuses you when you ask her for help. She has an extensive recognition, and her open-minded approach could not be overestimated.”
Ahmed (Hakim) Elkholy - Netherlands
“Iman is a very talented and hard working trainer and a real Artist. We worked together in many places, anywhere she works at she takes it to another level, her devotion and passion for training and development can't be missed. Her leadership skills outstanding. She is a real influence and a great asset for any company that she work for.”
Lydia Hana - Australia
“Iman is one of the most gifted and hard working person I've met. When it comes to teaching, she is very professional, exceptional in her ways. She lives by her passion in sharing the world her skills and adopting a strategy which is inimitable, a personal touch as I may say. You will never go wrong if you choose to attend one of her training class (as I had), even the most reluctant person coming in the class would end up riveted. What more I can say to this well equipped and powerful woman. She is just simply awesome! ”
Merline S - Philippines
“It’s rare that you come across such a dedicated and honest person like Iman, I attended a seminar delivered by Iman and showed how skilled and efficient she is. Iman gave me a life changing advice which helped me to make the right decision. Thank you, Iman.”
Mohamed El-Gayar - Egypt
“Iman is one of the most talented professional and author I have ever worked with. Her commitment to her projects and her keen interest to always deliver on schedule is commendable. She puts her heart into her work and genuinely assures the best quality. She is so committed that one can never ask for more.”
Karan Gupta - India