Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

Adobe pages’ Layout design, Digital brochure, Business Cards, Posters, and more.

Designs surround us, every day and everywhere, and layout design is the hero behind the design of every newspaper, brochure, book, or magazine.
Adobe InDesign is the leading application of layout design. It fits neatly into the suite of Adobe applications and integrates with all of them.

Course Duration

Full day Training:

5 Days ( One Week) – 7 Hours/Day

Half day Training:

30 Hours ( 10 Days) – 3 Hours/Day

Course Outlines

Book and Magazine Design for Non-Designers:

  • Introduction to the book and magazine design process
  • How to think like a designer
  • – learning from others
  • Collecting your resources
  • Sketching your idea on paper
  • Getting ready to implement your design

Getting Started with Adobe InDesign:

  • Why use Adobe InDesign?
  • Discovering the workspace

Creating Your First Document:

  • Discover Start screen
  • Setting up your document
  • Changing your settings
  • Working with pages
  • Page navigation
  • Document navigation

Page Preparation and Design Implementation:

  • Preparing for the design
  • Page principles
  • Page size
  • Creating new pages
  • Changing page layout options
  • Working with rulers
  • Using guides
  • Understanding vector versus raster
  • Creating your first shape
  • Using selection techniques
  • More about pages

Colouring Your Design:

  • Understanding colours – CMYK mode versus RGB mode
  • Picking and applying colours using the Tools panel
  • The Colour panel
  • The Swatches panel

Master Page for a Professional Document Structure:

  • Why use master pages?
  • Working with master pages
  • Using frames
  • Adding elements to master page
  • Parenting and master page setup
  • Overriding master page elements and adding new elements
  • Applying master page to document pages

Using InDesign Features to Organize Content:

  • Exploring Adobe InDesign layers
  • Creating layers and working with items
  • Working with layers in greater depth
  • Working with Groups

Placing and Manipulating External Files:

  • Placing external files
  • Linked and embedded options
  • Display Performance in Adobe InDesign
  • RGB versus CMYK file modes
  • Object Frame options

Working with Text:

  • Using the Type Tool to create text
  • Text frame features
  • Text character options
  • Text paragraph options
  • Text frame options
  • Creating text styles
  • Applying, editing, and sharing text styles

A Deep Dive into Text Options:

  • Text flow options
  • More about text frame options
  • Span columns
  • Working more with text frames
  • Text wrapping
  • More about paragraph and character options

Using Tables:

  • Creating a table
  • Selecting a table and navigation techniques
  • Editing a table
  • Table formatting

Preparing Your File for Printing and Publishing:

  • Checking document spelling
  • Finding and changing words and styles
  • Using Paragraph Rules
  • Type on a Path
  • Using Preflight
  • Packaging process
  • Using Mockups

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