Revit Architecture

Parametric Family Modeling

Revit Architecture - Parametric Family Modeling

This course offers a detailed and powerful tools to create Parametric Architecture Families.

Creating Families in Revit is not only a process of Modeling; it is a smart process of adding data and parameters that makes your model flexible.

Placing a Family that adapts your design is our target from the course.

In this course you will learn how to design a Family that works with your design, and that gives you flexibility in working on its dimensions.

Course Duration

Full day Training:

3 Days ( One Week) – 7 Hours/Day

Half day Training:

18 Hours ( 6 Days) – 3 Hours/Day

Course Outlines

Introduction to Revit Family:

  • Introduction, basics and facts.
  • Select the proper Template.
  • Template Workspace and Views.

Prepare for your Model:

  • Working with Datum.
  • Creating Parameters.


  • Modeling commands.
  • Solid and Void Forms.
  • Adding Dimensions.


  • Setting up the Material.
  • Prepare Materials.
  • Apply Materials.

Family Types:

  • Creating Family types.
  • Applying Material to Family Types.

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