Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk AutoCAD 2D

Autodesk AutoCAD application offers powerful tools for Drafting, Editing, and Automating Designs.

AutoCAD is a leading application that serves Engineers, Architects and Interior designers.

AutoCAD is your powerful tool for creating technical drawings such as Plans, Elevations, Sections and Details.

Create your designs, add Text, Annotations and prepare Layouts for printing using AutoCAD.

Course Duration

Full day Training:

5 Days ( One Week) – 7 Hours/Day

Half day Training:

30 Hours ( 10 Days) – 3 Hours/Day

Course Outlines

Introduction to AutoCAD:

  • AutoCAD as a Drafting tool.
  • AutoCAD Environment.
  • Using AutoCAD Template.
  • AutoCAD Units.

Start your design:

  • Design and Creation commands.
  • Modifying commands.
  • Input your data.
  • Using Snaps.

Working with Layers:

  • Why and How to use Layers.
  • Layers Properties.
  • Matching Properties.
  • Properties Panel.
  • Linetype, Linetype scale and lineweight.
  • Layer states manager.


  • Creating Text Style.
  • Annotative Text Style.
  • Using Text.
  • Editing Text.
  • Creating Dimension Style.
  • Annotative Dimension Style.
  • Using Dimension.
  • Editing Dimension.
  • Multileaders Style.
  • Creating Multileaders.
  • Editing Multileaders.
  • Table Style.
  • Creating Tables.
  • Editing Tables.
  • Link Excel to Tables.

Using Blocks:

  • Using the Design Centre.
  • Using tool palettes.
  • Blocks: Create and Edit.
  • Block attributes.
  • Dynamic Blocks: Create and Edit.

Drawing and Highlighting objects:

  • Working with Polyline and Boundaries.
  • Using Revision clouds.
  • Using Wipeout.
  • Create and Edit Hatch.
  • Using inquiry commands.

Import and Export:

  • Working with external references.
  • Import Images and PDF files.
  • Export PDF from AutoCAD.

Creating your Template:

  • Preparing your Template.
  • Update the Template file.
  • Copy elements across files.
  • Purge unneeded data.
  • WBlock Command.

Preparing for Printing:

  • Setup your Layout.
  • Working with ViewPorts.
  • Layout Scale.
  • Printing setup.
  • Transmitting, Printing and Publishing.


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